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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  January 19, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EST

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ok, so, uh, eric, can i talk to you, alone? sure. cool. michael... i'm not pregnant. yes! yes! yes! so you feel tons better, right? oh, yeah! god, that's so great, 'cause you know what? i'm breaking up with you. what? what? what? look, michael, this whole experience has opened my eyes. and nothing will stand in the way of my dream of becoming a dallas cowboy cheerleader. did she just break up with me? yep. i am so sad for you.
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may i please have her phone number? oh, my god, eric. so your parents know i'm on the pill, too? yeah. i had a nice conversation with red and kitty about foreplay. sorry. yeah, me, too. eric, i don't want you to think this changes anything between us. i don't. but it could. i suppose. i mean, who knows? it might even be you. might? all i'm saying is we have to wait for the right time. ok. how about now?
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ok. how about now? no. now? yes. really? no. ok. now, right? i'll be waiting. shut up. i got a birthday coming up, so-- captioning made possible by carsey-werner distribution, llc. captioned by the national captioning institute public performance of captions prohibited without permission of national captioning institute it's for your own good, son.
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ok, who dealt? i bid, uh, 3 of hearts. i'll go with 3 spades. this is fun. now, here is jeff barnd aad jennifer gilbert, with the "late
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edition." >> it has happened again. a baltimore police officer is shot downtown. the similarity with a deadly police shooting earlier his month. >> $15,000 just doesn't make the ends meet. >> beating the minimum wage in the state of maryland. why some believe t needs to jump nearly 40%. >> gas at $8 a gallon? where it has happened and why. >> and unwanted remodeling. texas man a really bad day. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> good evvning, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. we're following breaking news for you at this hour. a city police officer was shot in a downtown parking garage. jeff abell is there, live with
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what happened. jeff, what can you tell us at this hour. >> well, there is still an all-out search here in the area, around police headquarters, for a gunman that shot and injured an undercover city police officer. it all went down about two hours ago. here on the third level of the frederick street parking garage. a private parking garage. sits about a half a block behind police headquarters. in that garage, is where we are told the officer was shot n the upper leg. and then raced to shock trauma.@ the gunman right now remains on -he loose. at this hour, officers are searching the parking garage and immediate area around police headquarters, for the gunman. but so far, right now, he is still on the run..3 that is the very latest from police headquarters. i am jeff abell, fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right. jeff. of course we will have an update on this story from shock trauma in a couple of minutes. meantime plain clothes officer
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killed in the select lounge shooting this month will be laid to rest tomorrow. william tor bit eight year veteran of the police force. today loved ones gathered at the wiley funeral home in randallstown for the viewing. 33-yyar-old tor bit was fatally of the club.nth downtown outtide trying to break up a fight. that civilian also died in the gun fire. >> officer tor bbt's funeral is held at the cathedral of mary our queen along charles street tomorrow. and all starts at 11 a.m. >> the ffmily of an unarmed man shot to death by an off duty baltimore police officer last wrongful death lawsuit. million officer shom bay is accused of shooting tyrone brown 12 times -fter annaltercation with him when they left a nightclub. lawsuit claims shom bay was in violation of protocol that night by carrying his weapon while intoxicated. the family's attorney said ssom bay should not have been on the force in the first place.
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considering prior incidents involving the officer, and other shootings and alcohol. >> so the question becomes, as to why was this officer still on the baltimore city police department. why was he carrying a gun. off dutt situations and consumption of alcohol. so we raise a lot of questions in this suit. >> the lawsuit names shom bay, as well as commissioner bealefield, mayor, city council, and state of maryland. >> prayers for a missing >> ♪ >> a special seevice tonight at the new christian bible baptist church for phylicia barnes. honor roll student from north baltimore city last month. as thh search continuee. her story has gone national. feature order several network newscasts. >> baltimore liquor store is not getting a warm welcome from the
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neighbors.3 members of the god's kingdom builders church of christ protested out of the liquor board today. outraged that garden liquors opened its doors ellw the church. in the same buildingg >> this liquor store is saying they must respect the church. must respect schools. respect our community. there are still people that will say we will fight for what we believe in. >> the city officials say the liquor store was there first. liquor board approved its license almost three weeks before the church moved into the building. >> state lawmakers are being pushed to raise maryland's but not everyone in annapolis likes the idea. currently it is $7.25. but a lobbying group said it is not enough to make a living. >> $15,000 just doesn't make the ends meet for a faaily, trying to make it through the tough economic times. >> when you raise the minimum wage like that, you take less revenue out of the bussness's
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coffers to be able to invest foo growth and development to increase their business. >> maryland last raised their minimum wage, five years ago.3 our question of the day,,all day today. do you think the minimum wage should be raised to $10 an hour. 89% of you said yes. ira wrote on facebook. yes, the cost of living is so @%gg. another viewer said, no, $7.25 is fine as a minimum. >> bad day for morning talk show junkies, regis philbin is leaving the talk show. long time host announced today this will be the last year for live with regis, and kelly. the 79-year-old has been on tv pretty much his entire life. actually holds the record for thh most hours on camera. >> gooddday for baltimore maaor stephanie rawwings-blake. she is starting her mayoral campaign with a lot of cash in the bank. she has $800,000 in her campaign fund. most of that raised at a fund3
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-aiser last week at the hippodrome. political analysts say that's a good start this early in the campaign. >> bad day in ft. worth, texas, run away concrete truck slammed into that house. while the homeowner was inside. the ruck rolled out of the construction site parking lot into the home. what used to be an enclosed front master bedroom is a big mess. the truck ended up in the middle of it. leaving a wide open hole. ttrry said the sound shook him and the whole hoose. >> sounded like something blew up big time. i wasn't sure what happened. i heard what could have been downtown beirut for all i knew. sounded like a tremendous explosion. and rocked the windows. >> well terry was okay. he just had to watchhas the wreckers pulled the truck from his home. >> icy conditions early this morning. kept road crews busy.
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most main roads were in the clear, but the eighborhoods were slick wiih ice, leading to many school closing today. >> i was expecting two-hour delay. i was not expecting closed. but, you know, safety first, right. @% besides the ice, streets were %-here is a nightmare in pennsylvania. youuthink you had a rough ride this morning. it was probabby nothing like this. look at that. this pittsburg road turned into pure ice in seconds today. several vehiclls slld down the road. just seconds a part. this guy is speeding up. hits the tree. then hits the back of a four x four. smashing into other vehicles and @%ees as well. no one miraculously seriously injured. that is one bad stretch of rrad to be on today. >> what a big mess. you are right, some of the cars were speeding up it seems. >> he hit the accelerator. i don't know if you panic or whatever. but thank goodness nobody was hurt. >> fortunately our mess has %-it looks like we have rain to %->> let's go to chief
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meteorologist vytas reid with the sky watch weathee forecast. >> thank goodness no ice. we had icing early this morning. but thank goodness mosttgone away. melted out there now. as temperatures increased through the day. it looks like the storm that gave us the freezing precipitation has pushed up to new england. -hat's what we are seeing there. but in our region it looks like the rain showers are off to the west. this is a -- not n impressive system. but light precipitation over the next several hours. @%rough the over, we could see lingeeing in the morning. there could be mixing in carroll and frederick county as it changes to mixture of snow, sleet, rrin. because the temperatures are in the low 30s. 31 degrees there. but in the city here, round 36. so temperatures are warming up where it will be in the form of rain ii our neck of the woods. we are watching back west. there is a storm there. moving over iowa and minnesota. that will be our snow maker for thursday night and friday. i will have a detailed look at that in my seven day, coming up. >> well, it was a bargain basement outlet known as c-mart
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for 35 years, in harford county. now it is reopening. in a more modern building on york road in cockeysville. rettiler named big tarp auctioo center. that's the location. will reopen on wednesday. >> facebook, emporarily pulls its address sharing feature. comes after criticism from securrty experts. facebook said in a blog post it is making changes to the feature to ensure users only share information they want to. but it didn't say what the changes will be. >> a baltimore police officer@ shot downtown. a check on his condition next. >> 200 police officers laid off. the city where that is happening. >> and a shocking announcemenn -rom the husband of arizona congressw
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>> we havv an update on breaking news from the top of the newscast. @% police officer shot downtown. keith daniels is live at shock trauma with the latest onnthe police officer's condition tonight. keith? >>well, jeff and jennifer, we're told the officer is in stable condition at this hour. he is dealing with a non-life threatening injury. someone shot the officer in the leg. and police say that gunman iss3 still on the loose. now police spokesman again, said he is in stable condition. police commissioner bealefield is here.
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we are expecting the mayor, she could be here. they said she may have entered an opposite door. but we have not seen her yet. we do expect the police commissioner and the mayor to join us here very soon. we expect more details on exactly what happened here, incllding the latest, perhaps, on the officer's condition. now, again, the officer is in stable condition. with a gun shot wound to the leg. we're live in shock trauma, keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition." >> two students are shot when a gun suddenly goes off in a california classroom. >> los angeles police say it happened after a student brought a gun to school in his book bag. weapon accidentaaly went off. -itting one student in the neck. another in the head. tonight one victii is in critiial condition. -nd the suspect is in custody. >> 10 days after that deadly shooting in tucson, arizona, a surprising statement tonight, from the husband of congrrss
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woman gabrielle giffords. markel lee said he would be willing to meet the parents off3 accused gunman jaree loughner. kelly said it is not the parent's fault. and he wants to let them know that. @% the nation mourns the loss of former vice-presidential nominee sergeant shriver. he died today at the age of 95. after battling alzheimers. he was thought of as a member of the kennedy family through his wife younis. served as president kennedy's first director of the peace corps and lyndon johnson's war on poverty. >> considered dangerous city in the united states. camden new jersey laid off half of the police force. camden's mayor said there is no other choice because the city is currently undergoing a $27 million debt. she blames the union, saying they were not willing to take cuts in salary. or benefits. >> that is amazing. >> well, our weather was pretty amazing in a bad way this morning. fortunately we have seen better things tonight.
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>> yeah, et's go to chief meteorologist vytas reid with a sky watch weather forecast. >> it looks lick we have rain off to the west. snow trying to mix in over frederick county. over toward hagerstown. it looks like they are getting a little mix. but because of pocket of colder temperatures there in the 30s. we're above that..3 where we will see it change back to rain. looks like we will continue to see it push through. on the maryland satellite radar. as far as temperatures. you see 32 in hagerstown. that mix is taking place. and that's why it will be in the form of rain here through the overnight. 35 in d.c. winchester, northern virginia at 34. and 34 out there in estern maryland and oak land. looking at the future scan. you see the showers coming through. not impressive. light precipitation. tenth of an inch or less. we probably get breaks in the clouds behind the system. so maybe remaining pop-up shower, but for the most part it heads out. by thursday, we start to get breaks in the clouds over the state. for morning and afternoon. -unshine. but then back west, clouds gather. by the evening.
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and then late thursday night to friday morning. the next system pushes in. and that could give us accumulation. but as far as the rainfall. you can see the model data showw less than 10th of an inch. liiht as the ain moves in. bigger picture is showing one storm that left us with freezing precipitation. pushed to new england. scattered showers. and through the overnight, and tomorrow orning. that pushes off to the east. %-this next system will push in from the midwest. upper midwest. actually already advisories and watches out there. as you can see, maybe 3 to 5 inches of snow out of this. as it pushes our direction, no advisories yet but by tomorrow, numbers will tally up and national weather service will give us an idea of what is coming our way. but also the potential of what we could see, as far as snow accumulation across the area. it looks like probably, right now, as far as a number, 2-to 4-inches, and that could change, of course, depends on the track oo the storm.
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so definitely something is on the ground as we get to thursday night to friday morning. looking at anywhere from 3 to 5 inches -- 35 deggees, with showers across the area. and calm conditions. tomorrow, a.m. shower. looking at 41 with clouds breaking potentially witt sun in the afternoon. and then we see five-day forecast. shows a little more sunshine on thursday. then the system pushes through. thursday night to friday. like i had weecould get accumulating snow out there. maybe 2-to 4-inches possible, more or less, depends on the track. anddsaturday and sunday, we clear out again. with more sunshine. back to you. >> two stories that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. number one, here we go. a detroit man knocked unconscious by an exploding lid from a jar wins a lawsuit, stubborn lid on a jar of del monte fruit. hit daryl alexander in the head, after he hit it with a screwdriver. this is a glass jar with a lid.
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how much del monte gave him for hitting the jar with a hann tool. ii not known. they offered him $150,000. he refused that. so all we can asssme is that it is higher than that. >> all right. story number two that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. did you know watching tv or being n the computer is bad for your heart? studies say after light eeercise the hearts of cooch potatoes took longer to reccver. same thing occurred, surprise, i hope yoo are sitting down for this. for people that don't exercise at all. lets hope this study from taiwan did not cost them much. >> the ravens' defensive @%ordinator is leaving
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>> call me the clueless old woman that pulls in without looking. but dang. >> dang is right. talk about paying at the pump. get. this an illinois gas station was selling regular gas for $8.88 a gallon. but not to worry, it was a big mistake. those prices are not expected until the summertime. eight dollars -- no we are kidding. employees say it was a computer
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error. costly mix up. that sent drivers to competitor's pumps. >> i look on the box of pampers, front and back. it said not word one about single use. don't judge me. but in real big letters on the front. it said good for 17 to 25 pounds. >> comedians at mcgoobee's joke house in timonium on a mission to break a world record. for most consecutive hours of stand up comedy. joking around, round the clock until lunch thursday. add submission free and donations are collected for special olympics. all proceeds ffom food examine drink sales will be donated. the goal is to raise, at least, $20,000. from all directions, john fire harbaugh has to replace his other coordinator. greg madison, that ran the defense the last two years, is leaving. heading back to the college
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game. madison has accepted the defensive coordinator's job in michigan. joining the staff of new head coach hoe, it marks the return to ann arbor for madiion that coached there from 92 to 96, last season two seasons as d coordinator..3 madison's two defenses here are ranked and he could 10th in the nfl. and comes a week after wise left the chiefs forrflorida.@ secondary coach pay gonno is replacing him. his only experience came at. nlv in 90, 91, and north carolina in 07. and coached with cleveland and oakland. >> now that the season has ended. mess to clean up. ravens have no fewer than 17 free agents. ten of them starters. and one of them is a lit matsuperstar in the making. haloti ngata, heads the ravens free agent list, with the lock out looming all free agencies put on hold. two time pro bowler figure to say attracts a lot of money. and ravens will pony up. he is


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